5 Steps Academy is a Cambridge International School and a US College Board-approved K-12 school offering both US and UK curricula and administering both SAT&AP and IGCSE&A-level examinations. 5 Steps Academy is the only international school in Singapore focusing on Mathematics whilst providing a world-class multilingual well-rounded education founded on academic rigour, small classes with the highest teacher/student ratioand complemented by rich co-curricular programmes. 

At 5 Steps Academy, we believe the success of our program is based on strong collaboration between teachers and parents. We view all our students as unique individuals, with great potential to make a positive contribution to the school and society. We aim to inculcate independence, responsibility and necessary skills in each student to face the challenges of the future.

While establishing high standards for academic attainment, our program has been designed with an emphasis on the growth of our students as a whole person. We are non-selective in our admissions policy, we believe that every child can succeed. Our fees are very affordable because we strongly believe that every child deserves the best and it should not be restrained by financial issues. We aim to provide an individual approach to each of our unique students to guide, counsel and support them to reach their full potential.

5 Steps Academy is a Professional Development Centre accredited by the University of Cambridge to teach teachers from other schools around the world. That means 5 Steps teachers are true leader in modern instructional techniques and have a first-hand access to the world class resources from both Cambridge and College Board. 

Our school environment provides constant opportunities for students to build on their knowledge and skill base in order to acquire the attributes necessary for meaningful lives. Our unique style of teaching is a special approach that is only acquired in our school. In 5 Steps Academy, we apply a 1 to 1 small group teaching approach in comfortable classrooms, our teachers draw up individual learning plans for each student after a discussion with the parents.  Our name, 5 Steps Academy, comes from the 5 Steps System™ that we apply in our teaching. The 5 Steps System™ has proven very effective by increasing students’ moral and interest in learning. Our students have attained Singapore Record Achievements for completing international examinations at very young ages.  The curriculum at 5 Step Academy is designed to support a developmental, student-based approach where teaching is supported by an enjoyable and varied curriculum. Websites are useful to provide a brief introduction to our school but can hardly capture the true magic of our school. Do take the opportunity to contact us to gain a better understanding of 5 Steps Academy. And, of course, we look forward to you planning a visit to us in order to understand first-hand what makes us different in the world of international education. Please click School Fees and Academic Courses for more details.