Parents’ Reviews

5 Steps has provided my children with structured, individualized guidance for each stage of their learning journey. As such, their comprehension and appreciation for education per se have deepened profoundly. I am happy to say that their enthusiasm and level of achievement grows daily under the tutelage of this school. Thank you!

Sonali Munasinghe

… As parents, (I have a Medical Degree and my husband holds an Engineering Degree) we have a good understanding of the subjects, that being said, our role as parents is to support and encourage our children to achieve the very best they can. We have seen a positive improvement in our children’s education when we step back and let the ‘experts’ do their job.

Ness Milne

I feel I’m so blessed to get to know about the school and making the right choice in sending my boy to Dr. Alex and his professional team.

Rainna Lee