School-wide Learner Outcome Awards

We are pleased to announce the lists of the winners in the three nominations that are the three components of the School-wide Learner Outcomes:

Bodhi SessionsElsa Yuanxin ViagasKhalfan Danendra Abimanyu
Gia Dhaliwal
Arthur Jie-Feng Chang

Divyasree Ravichandraraja
Arthur Jie-Feng Chang
Carl Meadon
Elsa Yuanxin Viagas
Hope Robinson

Aaradhiyaa Arun
Divyasree Ravichandraraja
Fedor Kurilenko
Hope Robinson
Karin Gratia Tjandra
Koki Koizumi

Aviva LeVasseur
Melissande Montignies
Yevhenii Kursin
No awardNo award
Rutvi Ganesh Raam
Philipp Wuestefeld
Fedor Kurilenko
Kosei Yasuda

A quick in insight into each award category:

Courage: being active and ready to accept challenges.

Kindness: being helpful and respectful to teachers and other students.

Discipline: Homework Completion, Homework Consistency, and Diligence (average of the three parameters that you can see in your child’s progress file).