College Board SAT and AP

5 Steps Academy students who opted for US Pathway sit for SAT and Advance Placement (AP) tests.

We don’t accept private candidates for AP this year, we administer the exams only for 5 Steps Academy students. However, we do accept SAT candidates from other schools.

SAT is a compulsory test for the 5 Steps Academy High School Certificate, while AP subject tests are highly recommended. Although some universities don’t require AP tests, they will expect AP from the best applicants. Taking AP tests (at least 3) will help the students sand out from the crowd and show that they are willing to challenge themselves with the rigorous AP curriculum.

To summarize, SAT result is a mandatory part of the 5 Steps Academy HIgh Schoo Certificate (US PAthway), and AP tests’ scores are an invaluable addition to the student school transcript for those who aim for the top colleges.

5 Steps Academy is a College Board approved K-12 school and test centre. Our students can sit for SAP and AP exams right on campus. However, students from other schools can register for the tests as private candidates subject to seat availability.

5 Steps Academy administer SATs twice a year, in August and December. August session allows students to apply to universities by early admission deadlines, which gives the applicants a certain advantage. On the other hand, those who chose the December session have enough time to apply to universities as SAT results are available only three weeks after the test, which perfectly matches the normal application deadlines of almost all US universities.

AP Exams are given every year in May. While SAT includes only Mathematics and English, AP tests are available in various subjects. Similar to Cambridge A-levels, students normally choose three-four AP subjects according to the speciality they pursue.

Maximize your score with official SAT practice

Please take note that you have to register for SAT directly on the College Board website. We cannot help you to reserve a seat. There is no waitlist. Please click on the link below, create your account and register.

Registration form

Please make sure you are familiar with what to bring with you and what not to bring, Calculator Policy, Phone and Electronic Device Policy, ID Requirements, Test Security and Fairness policies, and what to expect on test day.

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