School Fees

Classes are five days a week, from 10 am to 2.40 pm. $1800/month payable monthly. All CCAs included (please check the list on the website). We also have basic package of $1500 for lower primary with no CCAs and Science.

Our 5 Nos to costly education:

  1. No registration fees.
  2. No admission fees.
  3. No material fees.
  4. No deposit.
  5. No holidays fees.

We believe that the hidden fees in the form of a so-called “fees structure” are simply not fair. So we tried to make it absolutely clear, transparent and simple.

As you can see, we don’t charge any registration, admission, materials and other hidden fees.  Moreover, the parents of our students don’t pay for holidays periods. Taking this into account, our fees are the lowest in Singapore with the highest academic standards and record breaking exam results.