School Fees

Classes are five days a week, from 10 am to 2.40 pm (to 4 pm for Grades 11 and 12). $2080/month payable monthly (subject to GST), and you don’t pay for holiday periods. All CCAs and foreign languages are included; please check the list here.

The students who utilise all four months of holidays per year will pay only $16,640 (subject to GST) per year regardless of grade level, which is the lowest fee in Singapore at the moment, especially for a Cambridge international school and a US College Board-approved school like we are.

Our 5 Nos to costly education:

  1. No registration fees.
  2. No admission fees.
  3. No material fees.
  4. No deposit.
  5. No holiday fee.

We believe the hidden fees in the form of a so-called “fee structure” are unfair. So we tried to make it absolutely clear, transparent and straightforward.

As you can see, we don’t charge any registration, admission, materials or other hidden fees.  Moreover, the parents of our students don’t pay for holiday periods. Taking this, high academic standards and record-breaking exam results into account, our fees are the lowest in Singapore.

A government-appointed insurance company protects 5 Steps Academy school fees. Please see the certificate and the school Fee Protection Scheme policy here.

Families in financial need can get assistance from the school on tuition fees in the form of a tuition fee discount according to the 5 Steps Academy Financial Assistance Scheme.

Optional transportation, field trip and after-school care fees apply if you need extra services.