Application Process

5 Steps Academy allows enrolment throughout the year and aims to make the admissions process a pleasant, direct and simple experience. Please note that admissions meetings and school tours are available by appointment from 10 am to 2 pm on any weekday. If you are busy during working hours, we can arrange a school tour for you in the evening or even on Saturdays and Sundays. To book an appointment, please contact us at +65 8655-0005.

5 Simple Steps

Step 1
Call or text +65 8655-0005 to book your personal school tour (in-person or virtual) and read our school brochure (click the link above the registration form). You can visit 5 Steps Academy any weekday, Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 2 pm and ask your questions. Alternatively, we can arrange a video call seven days a week almost anytime, including evenings.

Step 2
Apply online. After we create your school account, complete the CCAs Preferences and Special Requirements Form and Pre-Course Counseling Form.

Step 3
Attend an in-person or a virtual pre-course counselling session and sign the Student Contract. 

Step 4

Read the Student Handbook carefully, fill out the Orientation Form and attend an in-person or a virtual orientation session. 

Step 5
Transfer the first-month school fee (please see Payment Options). Then you can start any day (we will prorate the school fees accordingly).

Upon your account activation, you will receive an Enrolment Letter and get access to all the necessary documents, including the school Syllabus, your child’s personal progress file, timetable, homework portal etc. We need around two weeks to assess your child and create his/her individual learning plan.

If you are applying from abroad, you may want to contact our authorized recruitment agencies.