Last News & Events

School-wide Learner Outcome Awards

We are pleased to announce the lists of the winners in the three nominations that are the three components of the School-wide Learner Outcomes…

Talent Show 2023: Spectacular Performances

We are thrilled to share the wonderful memories from our recent Talent Show 2023. The event was filled with incredible performances, showcasing the exceptional …

5 Steps Academy Math Olympiad 2023

Congratulations to all participants! Your courage in accepting the challenge already sets you apart as outstanding. While the award ceremony…

International Chess Championship

5 Steps Academy student RK won gold in the international chess championship in Malaysia. Keep it up, RK! We are proud of you!

A Heartfelt Day at the Old Folks Home

We are delighted to share the highlights of our recent field trip to the Old Folks Home Nursing House. Our students showcased their talents and …

EUCLID Mathematics contest medal

5 Steps Academy student Arthur Jie-Feng Chang received his EUCLID Mathematics contest medal …

Art Competition Outcomes

The 5 Steps Academy Art Competition is over, and the results have come out. Meet the 16 winners!

5 Steps Academy Students Are The Best In Math, Dance And Singing

RK won Gold in a national Math olympiad. Divya won two golds and one silver in different nominations (Dance and Singing).

Air Force Museum

5 Steps Academy is a Cambridge Top Gun. Everyone is a Maverick.

Little Prince

Thank you for your wonderful performance! 5 Steps Academy students are always the best when it comes to …

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