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5 Steps Academy Students Are The Best In Math, Dance And Singing

RK won Gold in a national Math olympiad. Divya won two golds and one silver in different nominations (Dance and Singing).

Air Force Museum

5 Steps Academy is a Cambridge Top Gun. Everyone is a Maverick.

Little Prince

Thank you for your wonderful performance! 5 Steps Academy students are always the best when it comes to …

Rock Climbing 2022: Secondary School

Big guys know how to do it. Back to the mountains!

Rock Climbing 2022: Primary School

The first time since COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted! After two hours of climbing, “my fingers hurt but I can’t wait to climb again!”

Children’s Day Talent Show

5 Steps Academy Primary School Talent Show: look at our young talents. You can never expect what kids are able to do. Amazing! Click here to view.

Gold in Water Polo

5 Steps Academy student Kimon Robus won Gold in the Singapore Water Polo National League 2022. Fantastic, Kimon!

Gold in Gymnastics

5 Steps Academy student won Gold in the Singapore National Gymnastic championship 2022. Keep it up, Mira!

Annual Goals and Learning Outcomes 2021

The year is almost over, and we are excited to share with you the school goals for 2022 and achievements for 2021. As you can see, …

SAT test

As a US K-12 school and College Board SAT test centre, 5 Steps Academy administers SAT tests for its students and private candidates from various countries.

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