Resources For College Admission

For students at 5 Steps Academy High School:

  1. Understanding University Requirements: Most universities demand a minimum of three A Levels or a US High School Diploma. For the US pathway, you need to complete five AP subjects, which are typically shorter and less rigorous than A Levels.
  2. Choosing Your Path after Grade 10: Post Grade 10, you have the option to pursue either the Cambridge or US educational streams at our academy. Both are recognized by universities worldwide. However, the Cambridge A Levels are known to be more challenging, and opting for this route should be based on your confidence in achieving strong results.
  3. Deciding on Your Subjects: The subjects you choose should align with your intended field of study and the specific requirements of your target university. For instance, if you’re aiming for a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, A Level Mathematics, Further Mathematics, and Computer Science, or their AP equivalents, would be suitable choices.
  4. Research and Consultation: Always research the specific requirements of the universities you are interested in and consult with their departments to make informed decisions about your subject choices and academic path.

Guide for Parents – everything you need to know about supporting your child on their university application journey.

Perfect Personal Statement – 23 successful essays by students who got into the Ivy League and Oxbridge.

Cambridge or Oxford – everything you need to know about getting into Cambridge or Oxford.

15 Successful Activities Lists – built by top university admits.

Build Your UK Medical School Portfolio – detailed timeline on how to build your candidacy starting from Sec 3 / Grade 9.

Top Universities in Europe – options for a world-class education in Europe.

Beyond Academics – what you need to do outside of the classroom to make your application stand out,

10 Best Non-Ivy League – 10 highest-ranked, non-Ivy League universities in the US.