Rules of Conduct: Big 5

Parents and guardians are encouraged to explain to children the importance of his personal safety and of respecting other students and teachers. Every student should strictly observe the following 5 rules:

  • No aggression: no bullying, threatening, calling names, swearing, fighting, pushing, wrestling, running, rowdy playing, shouting, screaming, throwing things or engaging in other dangerous or disrespectful behaviour. No toy gun, swords or other toy weapons are allowed.
  • No taking tablets or computers from the tables. No damaging school equipment, furniture, fixtures and fittings and other students’ belongings.
  • No distracting other students or disrupting the classes.
  • No wasting time. The student must be in the classroom and start working on time. No mobile phones or other personal gadgets are allowed without special permission from the teacher or admin.
  • No food sharing (religious or medical constraints).

Homework discipline rules. If a student has not done his homework, the student will have to stay back after school or during breaks to complete it.

Lack of Organization:
If books/learning materials are left at home by learners then they will be put in detention. This is to ensure that they always bring their relevant school belongings and respect their teachers and their own learning process.

Class discipline rules.

Work assigned in class must be completed satisfactorily before the student can leave the classroom. Quality of completed work is determined by the teacher.

Only one warning will be given for insubordination (a refusal to listen to the teacher’s instruction). The second instance results immediately in detention (confinement in the detention room during breaks throughout the school day).

An extreme case of misbehaviour, i.e. disruptive behaviour, results immediately in detention. Parents will be notified and invited to the school for a talk.

Suspension and expulsion policies.

In cases of repeat offenders with no progress, the student will be assigned 3 day suspension to stay home and complete suspension homework. The suspension is assigned by the principal. 

In extreme cases of repeated misbehavior or aggression to the extent of threatening other students’ or teachers’ safety, the students will be expelled from the school without any school fee refund. 

Holidays policy.

The students are eligible for 4 unpaid holiday periods (of any length) per year starting from their personal first day of school.

The parents choose their holiday periods themselves at their convenience and inform the school in advance.

All other days are paid.

Closure days: only public holidays and weekends.

Parents have to inform the school at least weeks before starting and stopping the bus service.