Online Classroom Quick Guide

Devices. The computer is the best choice. Phones or tablets are also fine, but if your phone or tablet is very old (more than 4-5 years old), your version of Meet is probably outdated, and your system won’t allow you to update the app, especially on iPads. If you use Meet for the first time, please make sure to press Allow button for audio and video when prompted. If you accidentally pressed Disallow button, you can change it in the Settings. 

Sign in. Please make sure you are signed in to the student’s account on your computer, tablet or phone. If you use tablets or phones, make sure you downloaded Drive, Classroom and Meet apps and signed in to the student’s account in each of these apps.

Timetable. As always, you can find your child’s personal timetable by typing their name in the search field on Drive.

Join the classes. Choose classes on Classroom according to the timetable and press the camera icon, Meet will open automatically, and you are in. If you try to join a class too early, you will get the error message as only the teacher can open the class.

Discipline. There are three common problems, and we seek your cooperation and assistance to maintain the discipline to ensure the quality of instructions:

  1. Background noise. Please use the quiet place and ask your family members not to speak loudly and be quiet during lessons.
  2. Student’s faces or screens. Students must keep their cameras on or share their screens (Press present button) so that teacher can monitor their progress.
  3. Student’s behaviour. Students must not disturb classes with unnecessarily comments, messages or noise. In such cases, students will be muted or removed from the session. If a student has questions, the best practice is to use the palm icon to raise your hand.

Support. If you are experiencing any technical or other issues, please Whatsapp or call 86550005, we will address your problem immediately.