US Universities Admission Requirements

  1. SAT. Full mark is 1600. Most good universities expect 1450+, top universities expect 1550+.
  2. College Board Advanced Placement exams (APs) or Cambridge A levels (at least three) – college-level courses, enhance the admission chances and give extra credits. 
  3. Letter of recommendation from the subject teachers (at least two).
  4. Statement of Purpose (Personal Essay, Personal Statement) should clearly explain why you choose this major and why in this university.
  5. Extracurricular activities – stand high among other applicants.
  6. Awards in national or international Olympiads or other high ranked competitions can be a huge advantage. 
  7. For National or state players in some games, SAT score requirement in the same university will be lower by about 10% than the student who is not a player, e.g. 1500 vs 1350. 
  8. Research work (especially published in scientific journals) will enhance admission chances.