Cambridge International (Advanced Level)

The 5 Steps High School Program is designed for students aged 15-18. Admission to 5 Steps High School is selective. This means that students have to demonstrate their diligence in studies, excellent academic results and behaviour to be approved by the 5 Steps Academic Board.  

The students can achieve Cambridge Assessment International Education standards (UK stream). 

A-levels certificates are accepted by almost all universities globally, not only in the UK, and are equivalent to higher IB and US High School Certificates.

At least three A-levels (A-level English Language and A-level Mathematics are mandatory) must be chosen by the student from the following list: 

Cambridge International AS and A Level Global Perspectives & Research (9239)         

Cambridge International AS and A Level Biology (9700)         

Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry (9701)         

Cambridge International AS and A Level Computer Science (9618)         

Cambridge International AS and A Level Economics (9708)         

Cambridge International AS and A Level English Language (9093)         

Cambridge International AS and A Level Information Technology (9626)         

Cambridge International AS and A Level Mathematics (9709)         

Cambridge International AS and A Level Physics (9702)

Scope of Study

Cambridge International Advanced Level curriculum. Please click here for the subject curriculum details. 

Delivery Mode

Face-to-face lessons

Commencement Date/Intakes


Student Contract Template and Course Fees

Click to see the Student Contract Template and the course fees in Schedules B and C of it.

Payment Mode

For more information on Payment Mode, please click here.
For further details, please call or text the School Admin Officer at 85234957 or email


24 months or less, depending on the student’s abilities and individual pace. The course duration can be increased on a case-by-case basis for students with special education needs. The maximum period allowed for a student to complete the course is 36 months. This is a full-time course. 

Age: at least 16 years old

Academic Level: Grade 10 or Equivalent.

Assessment Methods

Quarterly Tests and Course-End Examinations for all subjects. 

Assessment Grading Criteria

External: CAIE examinations according to the CAIE timetable. 

Expected Examination Results Release Date

External: Not more than 3 month from the last exam in Cambridge A level series. 

Qualification Award

Cambridge International Advanced Level Certificate (by subjects).

Graduation Requirements

Pass the Cambridge A level examinations with at least 40% score.

Note 1:International students who hold student passes must achieve at least 90% attendance rate (ICA Requirement).
Note 2:Any student (not only student pass holder) must not be absent for more than 7 consecutive days without valid reason (ICA Requirement).
Note 3:Students who do not require ICA’s student’s pass must achieve at least 80% attendance rate. Our school only accept medical certificates as proof for absenteeism. Any other documents should only be accepted on a case-by-case basis with full justification and be acceptable by ICA.

Not meeting the above requirements may lead to Student Pass cancelation and/or expulsion from the school.