5 Steps System™ is a unique teaching approach applied by teachers at 5 Steps Academy. It is a framework designed to achieve efficiency in teaching each and every individual student according to their own level and pace.

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At 5 Steps, there is no beginning and ending of a year. Students can join the school at any time and parents can decide the school holiday period for their child. This will not affect the curriculum as we are using the individual teaching approach.

At 5 Steps, we eliminated the concept of grades. We recognize that all students are unique individual with different experience, background and level of studies. With this understanding, we apply the 5 Steps approach and create the student’s personal study plan.

For reference, students that we take in range from the age of 5 to 16.

5 Steps follows a Cambridge based curriculum. However, we allow amendments to the content taught in order to achieve students’ individual goals discussed with the parents. In 5 Steps Academy, students’ learning plans are very flexible and adjustable according to each student’s individual educational needs. We discuss with parents and work towards the goals set for each child separately.

If you are unsure about which educational route is suitable for your child, please feel free to contact us to discuss and find the most appropriate and effective route that your child should take.

7 Everton Park, #01-23, 080007. Near Outram Park MRT.

5 Steps provides door to door transportation to its students.

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CCAs provided in 5 Steps Academy are:

1. Coding

2. Chess

3. Music

4. Athletics

5. Performing Arts

At 5 Steps, we believe that all students are talented, each in their own unique ways. That is one of the reason why we create individual learning plans for each students. It is important to create a strong bond between the teachers, parents and student. This way we can find the most effective activity to discover and develop the child’s talent.

All courses are taught to the students by our qualified teachers, face to face, with 1:8 teacher-student ratio, along with 5 Steps approach.