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    5 Steps of Distinction

    5 Steps Academy is the only international school in Singapore focusing on Mathematics while providing a world-class, multilingual, well-rounded education founded on academic rigor, small classes with the highest teacher/student ratio (1:8), and rich co-curricular programs.

    The 5 Steps System™ is an evidence-based teaching methodology that focuses on using learners’ time in the most efficient way with the highest rates of knowledge and skills retention.

    5 Steps Academy is a Professional Development Centre accredited by the University of Cambridge to teach teachers from other schools worldwide. That means 5 Steps teachers are true leaders in modern instructional techniques and have first-hand access to world-class resources from Cambridge and the College Board.

    Why Choose Us

    Personalized Accelerated

    Academic Excellence

    Proven results. Olympiad winners. 5 Steps' academic results are 45% higher than UK average. Our students master the curriculum twice as fast as their peers. The accelerated 5 Steps System™ allows kids plenty of time for their hobbies.

    Individual Plans

    Our students progress at their own pace with individual exam dates. Gifted kids don't wait while slow thinkers are not frustrated. Everyone is challenged according to their abilities. Your suggestions are promptly addressed.

    Flexible Holidays

    The school doesn't have holidays except for public holidays; parents take holidays whenever they like and don't pay for the holiday periods. No prior notice required. You don't need to align your vacation days with school holidays anymore!

    Affordable Fees

    Half the cost of some of Singapore's international schools. In addition to free holiday periods, we also don't charge any registration, admission, materials, uniform and other miscellaneous fees. No deposits. Monthly payments.


    Years of Excellence

    Cambridge International Education

    Accredited by Cambridge as an international school, IGCSE and A-level test center and professional development center.

    US College Board

    Accredited as a US school, SAT and Advance Placement test center. 5 Steps Academy High School Diploma is accepted worldwide.


    Accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

    Singapore CPE

    Registered with Committee for Private Education (CPE) as a private educational institution (PEI), Reg No: 201709130H

    5 Steps Family

    Creative Community

    Vibrant Social Life

    Field trips. Co-curricular activities. Talent show. 5STEPS.FIT. Racial Harmony Day. 5 Steps Care. Student Council. Parent Committee. Social awareness skills. 

    Transparency of Progress

    Student’s progress report is updated overnight with detailed information on test dates and results, teacher feedback, statistics, etc. Parents are invited to meet teachers any day. 


    Student Welfare Officer and School Councilor help students to overcome emotional problems, develop social skills, prepare for university admission. 


    The research-based 5 Steps System™ has been developed by teachers, parents, and students in collaboration and fine-tuned as new research emerges. 

    What Parents Say

    “Highly recommend 5 Steps Academy! My son Max studied there for 2 years, excelling in math thanks to their exceptional approach of this school. The supportive director and dedicated teachers ensured his success. A top choice for academic growth”
    Victoria, mother of Max, Grade 3
    “The teachers structured the lessons according to each student's ability, so they were able to develop their strengths in the subjects regardless of their grade level. I am also grateful for the close relationship between teachers and parents.”
    Kimiko, mother of Yura, Grade 12

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