Mandarin Program

5 Steps Academy designed the Mandarin Program to cater to students from age 5+. We customize and optimize Mandarin classes for each student, allowing them to efficiently achieve their desired proficiency in the Mandarin language at their own pace. 5 Steps Academy Chinese
We follow the HSK syllabus. Our minimum aim for all students is to complete and pass the HSK 4.
It is important for children to obtain equal exposure to both English and Mandarin, it helps to increase a child’s confidence in speaking and communicating in Mandarin. At 5 Steps Academy, we believe in the importance of attracting and maintaining a child’s interest in the language. We use creative methods of teaching such as singing, drawing and skit performance to build the child’s speech, listening and writing skills.

English Program

5 Steps Academy designed the English Program to cater to students from age 5+.
For non-native English speaking students who wish to achieve fluency in the language, we customize the program according to their level, learning styles and goals.

This Program is available to students of any nationality, whose parents feel that a mastery of English is important to them in their further studies, and beyond. 5 Steps Academy allows them to learn confidently based on to their ability and at their own pace.