Elementary School

5 Steps Academy aims to make learning enjoyable and meaningful to students by adopting a personal, integrated curriculum which develops the child as a learner. We recognize that children come to us as unique individuals with different experiences,  abilities, and interests. Our teachers adopt different teaching methods to meet students’ varying needs and learning styles. We provide a balanced education program within a safe, stimulating environment so that each child can learn and grow to their greatest potential through fun and laughter. Our teachers recognize the importance of capturing students’ interests. We promote fun and interesting activities with specific objectives, ensuring knowledge is gained from each activity.

The Elementary Programme in 5 Steps Academy is specially designed to cater to students aged 5 to 12. The programme accommodates to the syllabus of most national or local curriculums and effectively prepares students to engage in our Secondary School Programme.

Elementary Courses provided by 5 Steps Academy:

1. English
2. Mathematics
3. Science
4. Chinese
5. Foreign Languages (Spanish, French, Russian, Hindy, and Tamil).

Can my child join the school?

Yes, definitely. At 5 Steps Academy, there are no entry tests and/or examinations. Proficiency in the English language is also not required. Admissions are open year round, students can start at any time of the year.

How are students assessed?

Each student’s achievements are continually assessed. Teachers use a variety of assessment techniques including testing for knowledge and skills, observations, and portfolios of student’s work. Attitude, learning skills, social relationships, and effort are considered equally important when looking at the overall development of the child.
In 5 Steps Academy, teachers and parents work together closely through face to face conversation and text messages to discuss each student’s social and academic progress weekly.

End of Year Exams will be conducted and students who pass the exams will then be promoted to the next grade.

At Grade 6, students who passed their End of Year Examinations will graduate from Elementary School with a Certificate of Completion and be promoted to Secondary School, Grade 7.

How can we help our children on their way to success?

We believe in a dynamic partnership between the teachers and the parents.

The parents have their children’s best interests at heart and there seems no limit to what they are willing to harness from their resources.

The teachers are equally concerned about the children and are willing to offer their utmost effort and time to bring out the best in the children. Every child under their care is important and there is nothing too time-consuming, attention-demanding, and physically-draining for our teachers.

In the Home
Careful observations of parents in the home can serve as inputs in planning learning tasks. Easily, the mother can communicate to the teacher certain behaviours that need to be corrected. Strong unusual interests of the child that are observed at home are worth communicating to those who plan their daily activities. The inclination to music or poetry can be part of the motivational strategies. Special talents such as sketching and painting can be nurtured by both the home and the school through activities that expose the children to nature.

In the School
Our teachers are more than willing to help you nurture your child to become a better person, on a personal, social and academic level. With the help of parents supervising the child’s homework at home, teachers can more efficiently make use of the limited time in school.

Parent involvement helps students greatly and raises their academic achievement. Children also become more motivated to learn, improved behaviour, and a more positive attitude towards homework and school.